Hypnotherapy is a simple but effective  process of being guided into a different state of awareness in a relaxed and safe environment, and accessing the subconscious mind to make changes.

During the waking state we are not aware of the subconscious processes, but it is possible with Hypnotherapy to access these and make lasting changes.

During Hypnotherapy you are guided into a different state of awareness and when the body is relaxed and the mind is calm and focussed, using guided imagery and relaxation techniques I can assist you to use your own imagination to enable you to get into the required state of auto suggestion.

When you are in this receptive state of awareness I can then plant seeds of suggestions, of your choosing, into your subconscious mind. YOU are using your imagination to make these changes by accessing your subconscious mind, and the body responds as if it has physically experienced the processes that you have carried out in your imagination.

Hypnotherapy is effective for:

*weight loss

*stress relief

*anxiety and depression

*stopping smoking


It is a two way relationship. You will need to be totally committed to the things that you want to change and be willing to alter diet, habits, lifestyle etc for the maximum benefit to you.

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