Reiki Master Attunement


Master Level Attunement

It would seem that the Master/Teaching course creates the biggest confusion amongst Reiki students and it’s hardly surprising as the many courses on offer can vary from one to four days duration, some even offering up to two years apprenticeships.

Again we stress that the attunement is just the beginning of the path, and the subsequent years while you become accustomed to the higher degree of energy that you are opened up to, will be your training. You will be tested by your guides and life in general until you have synchronised your existence into harmony with the universe.

A good start might be to ask yourself how much experience you already have, both in your practice of Reiki and in the other areas. If you feel that your experience is limited and you have not had the opportunity to practise healing as much as you’d like, then you may wish to consider doing a longer course, but as far as value for money, it is far better that you learn as much as you can by practising more, and doing the one day atunement. You are not getting any more Reiki from a 3 day course than from a 1 day course, but some people feel they need more guidance and instruction.


If you intend to practice Reiki, either by offering healing, or through teaching, then you will need insurance. Some Reiki associations offer insurance through their block-booking scheme so if you meet the Associations guidelines for registration then you should automatically be able to obtain insurance through the associated insurance company. It is possible though to obtain insurance independently without registering with a Reiki Association or if you already have insurance for another complementary therapy then it should be an easy matter to have Reiki included.

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What to expect after your Master Level Attunement?

Once you have taken the master attunement, one of the important things to remember is that your behaviour in your practice, and in life, an example of what the general public will deduce about Reiki from meeting you.

It is up to you to honour your commitment to healing yourself and others, and to promote the importance of tolerance and a non agressive way of life. You are a leader who has serious responsibilities that are not to be taken lightly. Getting together with other people who are at a similar level of spiritual development will help you to acheive balance between work, family, and individual development time.

Most of all be happy! You will have acheived something that not everybody would even attempt. The path of a healer is never fuzzy and coated with sugar, but it is rewarding, hard work and the world needs many more caring people like you.