Reiki 2

Reiki 2 Attunement 


For those of you who plan to seek employment within a Health setting you will need to know the requirements of the individual Health Authority in which you intend to work. My understanding is, that it is not the length of Reiki course you take that concerns them but whether you are able to work with other professionals, can respect confidentiality, and have the good sense not to say inappropriate things to your clients.

It follows then that if you already have a work background that includes these skills or you have received training in other complementary therapies that have already covered these areas, then it is unlikely that you will need to cover them again when taking the second degree course.

What is it all about?

This course is about taking Reiki to the next level. Second degree Reiki enables you to have enough knowlegde and experience, and competence to set up a private practice. My experience has indicated that students who do aspire to a career within a Health setting frequently already have the skills we discussed above, either through their work background or from taking other courses. You will need to consider your individual circumstances when choosing your Reiki 2 course and its duration, and if you do wish to work in a Health setting then decide what if any other skills you may need to compliment the Reiki.

There is no legal requirement that any Reiki course should be of a particular duration or have a standard number of levels, though it is true that the Government is encouraging all Complementary Therapy Associations to agree on some voluntary ‘Occupational Standards’ for their members. The competencies for these ‘Standards’ are not yet finalised.

During our Reiki 2 level you will learn how to send distance Reiki healing. I believe it is unneccessary to extend the training over any more than this as it is the same as with the Reiki 1 Atunement, the real learning and application takes place after the atunement when you begin your work with the new level of energy that you have been opened up to.

What to expect after a level 2 Attunement?

A higher degree of sensitivity, and perception of subtle energies. Most people begin to percieve higher beings and their guides and masters. If this is the case then time and effort should be spent after the atunement getting into a daily routine where you can actively seek guidance from guides through deep meditation.

Perhaps you could join a spiritual development group?

Some people find that automatic writing is a good way for them to link with spirit guides. Others may find that they recieve sense perceptions through either floods of imagery, or feelings in dreams as well as during meditation. Again it very much depends on their personality makeup, and how they percieve things in the normal everyday world.

For example, if you are a very visually oriented person you might like to try guided visualisation techniques to establish a link with your guides. If you are more sense oriented you could try finding a place outside that you can go to everyday and meditate.

Reiki Level 2 is concerned with learning to be receptive to the fields of others, and be able to tune in to their needs, creating and establishing links with your clients and learning how to send healing at a distance.