Soulway Therapy Course

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Soulway Therapy Course.
IMG_4944A system that involves using Colour Crystal Therapy and Energy Healing. You will be using a combination of them to heal yourself and then others. Working with auras and developing your sensory skills .
You will be working with sound and music and learning to go on shamanic journeys.
Any levels of development are welcome.
Set out in weekend modules that are accomplished separately but you will need the full set to complete the course.
It will be £30 a day and will start mid September 10-4
Please contact Helen Dickinson 07882385366 or email for more information on the dates or if you have any further questions.
Helen is a fully qualified Colour Therapist, Colour Therapist, Aromatherapy Massage Practioner, Sekhem Reiki Practioner and Hot Stone Massage Practitioner, trained to work with Shamanic Journeys to aid help and life blocks. A firm believer we can heal our selves.

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