“The Shield” by Wendy Stokes

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This new podcast is one of the guided meditations that we have used in our Spiritual development circle which was kindly passed to us by Wendy Stokes who is the author of the meditation.

The purpose of this podcast is for you to travel within and to meet your “Shield” or “Guardian Angel” so that you can work safe in the knowledge that you are being protected from entities that may be harmful to your development. Your “Shield” acts as a kind of doorkeeper.

When I did this meditation myself the image below is a representation of what I saw.


If you do this meditation please make sure that you have at least half an hour undisturbed and give yourself time to sketch afterwards. Please comment below and let me know how you get on with the meditation and if you have any suggestions.

JadeM 22nd March 2016


2 thoughts on ““The Shield” by Wendy Stokes

  • tracy williamson

    Hi Jade, I did the meditation last night. I didn’t sketch but I still see her and can describe.
    First of all I went deep quick, then I had quite a sharp nip half way round the rim of my left ear.
    The image I got was of a tall female, long blonde straight hair, large almond eyes, she was wearing a long flowing thing that looked like a mac (in grey) it seemed layered with something flimsy under.
    While meditating recently I could feel another being stretch out from me upward with an elongated head. It felt alien but part of me. I feel it was the same as I saw in your meditation.

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